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The Planetary Guide
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Æther Brandier [userpic]

These two missions have now taken over a month.

Nothing more needs to be said. All sense of urgency has drained out of them and there is really no sense to continue them because they just feel like they're going nowhere. You can still keep running them at your leisure, but they can now be handwaved.

Results - Team Bendix is successful, they retrieved the train and stole the weaponry and equipment. Team Good is successful, they revealed the ship as an old vessel that disappeared during a voyage, and discovered a load of stolen weaponry and supplies.

There are no bosses. Even the most climatic confrontation that could be done on these threads will be anti-climatic by now, and I'm not wasting two perfectly good boss-type characters on that.

For the future of this plot, check out this thread and comment on it.

That is all.

Cole Cash [userpic]

I'm ready to die/Give me the word/I'm ready to shoot/I'm ready to kill my enemies/And put 'em in a bagCollapse )

for the time being; [userpic]

STAGE ONE THEME: I do not understand what it is I do not own.

Narrative [open]: Before the holes - check the pulse - blink your eyes once again ...Collapse )

OOC Note!Collapse )

Henry Bendix [userpic]

It has been discussed among the mods and decided that 'Eye of the Storm' requires a change in rules. Thus, from this point and onward, the following rules will be implemented within the plot :

- A player is required to post in the plot at least once every two days. If we don't see your activity anywhere within the storyline for three days, you are disqualified from the plot with some basic IC explanation. If your character is disqualified mid-mission, it's assumed they were injured and had to retreat.

The rule is inactive in two cases.

- First case is if you have no internet access, in which case your inactivity is ignored because RL > RP. However, it would be desired that you warn us before disappearing.

- The rule is inactive if there are no IC threads where you can participate. For example, if all existing narratives are finished and nobody remembered to post a new one for whatever reason.

- The last rule remains active if you're also inactive OOC. If you show no activity concerning planning new threads and pushing the storyline forward, you are still disqualified on the grounds of showing no interest in the storyline.

We understand that these rules are brutal, but we would like to finish this storyline as soon as possible and its current activity rate restricts us from doing so. Thank you for understanding.

Mega Man X [userpic]

More than a week has passed since X met Crow Jane's group in the bar and reluctantly agreed to help them in locating the mysterious dimensional travelers and investigating their possible connection with the terrorist cell operating within Far East HQ.

Everything remained quiet since then, until a new e-mail appears in Jane's inbox...

Mission I - Investigate The Mysterious ShipCollapse )

More than a week has passed since Bendix's team met up with their contact, Vile, and found out about their mission in this world. It has been a quiet time of waiting since then. At least, until new instructions come through their personal network...

Mission I - Capture The Supply TrainCollapse )

Crow Jane [userpic]

The Jade Dragon is a friendly little place. A good bar, drinking hole to many Hunters, making the crowd inside both diverse, loud, and colorful. A perfect place for a meeting, in Crow Jane's opinion. Well, ignoring the temptation to drink. It's hard not to get even one, just for her nerves.

It might say something that she's not avoiding drinking simply because of Majestic anymore.

But, as things stand, she is in a brightly lit booth off to the side, playing with a metallic black triangle the size of a slice of pizza as she waits for everyone else to arrive.

The coordinates Bendix's team is given are not among the most pleasant places in Far East HQ. Long time ago, when the city's construction was only beginning, these tunnels were used for quick transportation of materials and workers through the area. As time went, however, they ended up buried under giant buildings, replaced by air bus circuits and eventually abandoned upon reaching the peak of their inconvenience. Now but a mere ghost of their original purpose, they became a perfect hiding place for those visiting the city who wouldn't want to be noticed.

The group finds themselves in one of the train tunnels, almost completely dark except for a couple dim lights on the walls that still have power to work. The area is completely empty, except for one thing. A short distance away, a large cargo elevator is built into the wall, its interior brightly lit as if to attract whoever would appear in their location.

It looks like they are invited.

Æther Brandier [userpic]

Far East Irregular Hunter HQ. 11:20AM. Investigation proceeding as planned.

For most members of the strike force sent to this world by Henry Bendix, the job would only begin during the first mission briefing. For Jaeger, a broody, cynical mercenary from Germany who was scouted by Weatherman-One shortly before the beginning of his operation, it is already running full force. It's not enough to merely complete missions. It's important to know the area's layout, know its natural resources and how one can benefit from it beyond the general operation. The actual action is good, but it's worth to look out for oneself as well.

That's what Jaeger has been doing since morning. Equipped with his power suit, robotic-looking enough to blend in with locals and yet completely silent, he's been slowly stalking the streets, memorizing the layout and various locations that could prove useful later. It's a difficult job, but a worthy one. He already knows enough of the layout so that only locals would have the chance of a snowball in hell to find him in this place.

That's what he believes, anyway.

Right now, he's taking a short rest in the upper levels of the city, where he stands on a narrow walkway that spirals around an enormous skyscraper. The view from this spot is gorgeous, numerous buildings below blending into a mess of bright colors, with an endless sea covering the rest of the view. If there's anything beyond work that would make this place worth visiting, it would be this.

Jaeger makes a deep, content sigh and slowly raises his hand, pressing it against the glass cover that separates the walkway from the endless abyss. The decorative programming immediately kicks in and suddenly, the walkway is filled with crimson as a giant Chinese dragon made from intricate patterns of circuitry, surges through the area in a perfect spiral. For a moment, fingers curl away from the glass... And then, an amused sound escapes the mercenary's mask as his gloves' synthetic material brushes against the transparent cover once again.

Indeed. Maybe there's something beyond work that makes this place worth visiting, after all.

Æther Brandier [userpic]

It takes a rare community for Ether, with his thin build, feminine features and brightly colored hair, to not stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb. Apparently, Far East HQ is one of those communities - between lavish decorations of the local marketplace and fancy armors worn by local reploids, his black uniform adorned with a white ornament is nothing more than common clothes.

"This will be two thousand and six hundred zenny." A young-looking female reploid with a stylized maid dress and vibrant magenta hair hands over a small silver case from across the counter. As Ether runs an ornate credit card through a device on the counter and accepts the item, she grins widely and steps away. "Thank you for the purchase."

Ether merely smiles and nods in return before walking away from the counter. The case is promptly opened, revealing a stylish futuristic visor. A faint hmph escapes his lips as he stares down them, yet another realization of his world's stunned development coming to his mind. Even though this one is three thousand years younger, their technology isn't much worse... Why, this visor is barely different from the one he lost several weeks ago to an important experiment.

Ether raises the visor to his face and hooks it on, covering the upper pair of his face with what looks like futuristic sunglasses. This simple disguise achieved, he continues moving down the street.

Time to see what else he can find in this city.

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